Chandni Chowk and its Famous Eatries

Eatries of Chandni Chowk

Daal Biji from Kanwarji's

Karachi Halwa from Kanwarji's

Extra Spicy Daal Biji

Paranthe Wali Gali (Indian pancake street)

Parantha Cooks

Parantha Cooks

Very famous Jalebi wala

Samose and Kachauri



Kulfi-Faluda Stall

Chenaraam's Pili Barfi

Dry Fruits


Rabri Faluda

Local Dhaba

Streets and the traffic in Chandni Chowk

Noida Flower Show 2015

About the Noida Flower Show
The Annual Noida Flower show is organized by the Forticulture Society Noida (website), usually at the Noida Stadium, Sector 21, Noida. It is a three day event and attracts visitors from Noida, Delhi, and from nearby places. More than 300 species of flowers and plants are on the display. Many schools, colleges, and companies participate in the event. Unique flower displays, cut flower displays and foliage arrangements also add glamour to the show.

Foliage Arrangements

Bonsai and Cacti

Reds and Pinks

Cactus flower

Yellows and Whites